Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bod Beck Blood Electrification Cure for Aids

Silver Pulser model sp5 is a simple battery that send a small electrical pulse to two moistened wrapped  electrodes placed directly on to the skin near the wrist near the radial and Ulnar Artery. This forms what is called electrification of the blood which will kill 99% of all viral activity in your blood. It was discovered by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and developed by Bod Beck.
When viruses and cancer cells pass through an electrical current they are immediately killed or effected and will not be able to reproduce themselves and eventual die and pass through the body. This leads to a cleaner blood with no viruses and pathogens which will allow your body to properly absorbed vitamins and minerals which will lead to improved health healing and even weight loss due to nutrition.
Electrical current will kill living things and blood passed through an electrical current will kill viruses leading to better health.


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