Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cornucopia Superfood Phyto food

Cornucopia is a blend of powerful life extending vitamins and minerals for people and there pets.
Super-food & Phyto-Food for dog & cats:  A powerful blend of super foods, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, naturally chealted minerals, and probiotics designed to provide advanced nutritional support and extra protection.

Cornucopia is known as the horn of plenty and will make your pet live 50% longer. It is reported to be taken by the doctor himself in which he states will assist people in there health problems.

It is clear that the cure for disease and cancer is large doses of multi complex super-food's rich in vitamins and minerals created from plant derived sources. Each mineral must be able to pass through the cell.

Cornucopia contains herbs from around the world to create the best blend for optimal nutrition antioxidants, vitamin A C, carotene complex from land and sea, ester-C, tocopherol vitamin E, zinc, selenium chelated forms, bioflavonoids complex, chlorella, spirulina, North Atlantic kelp, alfalfa and wheat sprouts rich in carotenes and chlorophyl, ginko biloba for mental improvement, biotin for metabolism anemia and muscular pain skin disorders and heart disease, bee pollen essential fatty acid, taurine, fossil mineral flour, and lecithin.

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