Sunday, September 15, 2013

The 90 Essential Nutrients

The 90 Essential Nutrients is a complex of 90 plant derived vitamin's and mineral's and essential fatty acids for daily supplementation created by Dr. Joel Wallach. The 90 Essential Nutrients reports that it can cure 1,000 diseases. There is a wide range of heath effects that stem from a lack of daily nutrition and assist in the cure for diabetes, arthritis, alzheimer's, Varicose Veins, Wrinkles and even PMS.

The food we eat lack these vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body to work correctly. With today's intensive farming techniques our food is worthless and void. The food looks beautiful but the only way to get these essential vitamins and minerals is by supplementation in our diet.
Dr. Joel Wallach investigated people around the world that lived past 100 years and found a common factor based on a diet of food that was rich in nutrition. These foods were found in areas with large amounts of ashes from wood fires used in the home to cook food thrown in there gardens. This concept gave long life to those that ate food grown from nutrient rich soils.
This led to an investigation of all animal deaths and formed the basis to cure all diseases in cattle animals by large amounts of nutritional supplements in the diet. Nutrition will cure all diseases. This led to the creation of the The 90 Essential Nutrients

The 90 complex contains very important ingredients like selenium, chromium, vanadium, zinc. iron, vitamin b c a and many others that are know to cure and fight against many known diseases.
The American Medical Association  has led to the death of millions of people rejecting natural medicines that have proven to cure cancer and other disease since the 1800s. The cure is clear a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids from multiple plant derived sources that can bypass the cell walls in our body and kill multiple viruses in the process while creating a healthier environment for optimal growth of organs and white blood cells. They Cure cattle in this way why not people?

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