Saturday, March 8, 2014

Life caps is a vitamin and mineral dietary supplement

Life caps is a vitamin and mineral dietary supplement to help people during a crisis and replace the need to eat for one meal. It contains a large portion of nutrition with no need to eat. It is reported to help people not eat for long periods of time well over 17 days with no food. This in turn will greatly assist in losing weight very fast, 1 pound per day. It is also reported that people have taken twice the recommended 3 pills per day to curb there appetite.

Life caps was introduced on the shark tank television show on season 5 episode 15 and was ridiculed for his concept of food supplementation and no FDA approval.

I believe life caps  will greatly assist in curbing appetite assisting in a daily fasting of food which will lead to weight loss in a short amount of time which is a reminder not to quickly go back to food as you will regain the weight if you eat a lot of food.
This makes sense in a mind set of fasting, one needs to take nutritional supplements to keep the benefits of  healthy food with none of the calories. 

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    Thanks for sharing informative post.