Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Red Algae Extract Fights Ebola and HIV and SARS and HCV

While researchers scramble to develop a new vaccine to fight against the Ebola virus HIV , Hepatitis-C and SARS nature has already provided a natural treatment.

Mannose-binding lectins naturally breaks down and prevents infection in the body which includes Ebola, HIV, HCV and SAR. Mannose-binding lectins are produced in the human body via a DNA sequence, called the MBL2

Mannose-binding lectins will attach and attack certain carbohydrate molecules that cover and make up various microorganisms. If the body produces good levels of these mannose-binding lectins it will be able to easily fight off colds and flus, as well as other microbial infections.

Humans that don't produce enough of these mannose-binding lectins are not only more susceptible because they don't have enough lectins, but they are typically also immunosuppressed with regard to the rest of their immune system.

Red algae Scytovirin protein extract, Nostoc ellipsosporum Cyanovirin-N and Griffithsin,  produces Mannose-binding lectins profusely.
Red algae in supplement form has been found to boost antiviral immunity, This should in turn create a natural method of preventing and even treating viral infections such as Ebola, SARS, HIV and Hepatitis-C.

This was discovered in 2002 and the medical community will not move to action they are fools and any one that will serve the FDA are greater fools as they outlaw any form of a natural cure for pharmaceutical trash while they make billions of dollars. How many doctors will walk away with bags of cash that came from the sick and the dieing and the dead. See the truth.

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